We're looking for UndercoverVC Fellows at universities across the United States.

When student founders are ready to raise seed capital for their ideas and side projects, their access to opportunity varies greatly based on where they go to school. Our scouts find these "undercover" entrepreneurs, validate their ideas, help them craft their pitch, and connect them with investors in our partner network.

// What we're planning

We're busy building our national network of investors, founders, influencers, and angels across the country. Our fellows will have exclusive access to AMAs and fireside chats with our partners, and will work directly with them to connect founders with investors.

// What we're looking for

The most important factors we're looking for in our scouts is the ability to build. What this means in practice is largely up to you; you might have built a company, an organization, a non-profit, a community, or an open-source project. What it is matters less to us than your demonstrated ability to innovate.

// How to apply

We hope to offer talented undergrads an unparalleled window into the venture capital sourcing and decision-making process. If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, apply with the red button above.

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