We're bringing equity
to student venture capital.
IU Ventures
K2 Capital
Ohio State
We're building a new kind of scout network.

Student founders raise billions every year, but the vast majority of capital goes to just five campuses, leaving many student founders without equitable access.

We're working to change that.

By building a network of scouts and founders on a larger subset of university campuses, we're working to create mutually-beneficial relationships between investors and talented-but-overlooked student founders.

Our Programs

We're working with the whole student VC ecosystem to create meaningful change.

Venture Fellowship

We're looking for talented students from underrepresented campuses and backgrounds to join our network. Our fellows source deals from campuses large and small across the United States and Canada.

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Deal Sourcing

Let us help you source pre-seed and seed deals from our campus partners across the country.

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We're in the business of helping student founders raise seed capital through our investment partners.

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